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News! (Clan Status)

-Goldenshine had a healthy litter of kits!
(If you wish to have your character's status in the news/Clan Staus/ send me, Angelpaw33, a note.)

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ZeroClan is an respected Clan.
It's enemy Clans are CloudClan and ThunderClan.

Leader: Hollowstar (My brother)
Medicine cat:
Medicine Cat's Apprentice:
Apprentices: Nightpaw,Blazepaw,Silverpaw
Warriors: Darkheart,Morningglory,Frostpelt,Flarepelt,Cherryfall,
Queens: Whiteblaze,
Kits: Angelkit,Cloudkit,Rosekit,Machkit,
Founded 2 Years ago
Sep 6, 2015


5 Members
7 Watchers
547 Pageviews
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With agreeing to this rules, you'll be made a true member of ZeroClan.
Read the clan's history for more.

With the seasons past, Nullmoon, once a rogue, became part of ThunderClan with his son, Swiftkit.
he soon falls in love with the leader's daughter, Squirrelflight, and after beeing warned to do not talk to her by her sister and her father, Firestar decided it was time for punishmeant.
There was one thing this cat loved more then his own life, and that, was his kit.
Firestar killed young Swiftkit, Nullmoon left the clan along with his newly made mate.
Moons after leaving the clan, Nullmoon decided to create his own group.
The time flew by and the group was starting to get bigger and bigger, cats were also dying, and he through he'd need StarClan's power to save his warriors.
Nullmoon finally decided to head to the moonpool along with Mossheart, the medicine cat, once also a ThunderClan kit, Nullmoon was now made Nullstar.

With the time passing by, Squirrelflight and Nullstar had a litter of kits: Hopekit, Morningkit, Scarletkit and Raindrop.
the kits were soon made warriors by the name of Hopelight, Morningsky, Scarletnose and Raindrop.
Nullstar soon died, Squirrelflight following him soon after.
Hopelight was apointed the new leader by the Clan itself, becoming Hopestar.
Hopestar was a white she-cat with three yellow stripes running down her back with pale leaf green eyes.
While in a hunting patrol, they discovered a young white and black cat, they took him in and gave him the name Blackpaw.
Scarletnose was againest bringing a rogue to the clan and after almost attacking the new apprentice, Hopestar exiled him.
With Scarletnose gone, one of the best warriors, Hopestar made Blackpaw a warrior sooner, his name was now Blackpatch.
Morningsky was killed in a patrol by a ThunderClan warrior, Hopestar declared war.
The war was painfull and most ZeroClan cats didn't make it out alive, Hopestar called defeat and ran away with the rest of her cats.
But she was planning revenge.
Hopestar made Blackpatch her deputy and attacked ThunderClan camp.
Manny died, ThunderClan and ZeroClan's warriors both died in this war, including Hopestar.
with a fatal blow to the neck, Hopestar spent her last moments with Blackpatch.
Blackpatch was made Blackstar.
Raindrop passed away due to old age and greencough, and so, the last line of Nullstar's blood was gone, or so they through.
Nullstar and Squirrelflight had another kit, Goldenkit, who, was taken by rogues one day.
Goldenkit came back to the clan by acident one day, Blackstar was surprised she was from Nullmoon's blood line and eventually made her a warrior, she recived the name Goldenshine.
Goldenshine could come back with one rule, her mate, Darktail would also join.
Blackstar agreed.
Soon, Goldenshine and Darktail had a litter of kits, Hollowkit and Scatteredkit.
Hollowkit became Hollowheart and Scatteredkit became Scatteredblood.
As one moon past since Hollowheart's warrior ceremony, Goldenshine was expecting another litter of kits, where Angelkit, Cloudkit, Sunkit and Shadowkit were born.


-Do not insult other members.
-Stealing art is not alowed.
-You CANNOT use linearts of bases in your character's refference sheet, you have to draw it yourself.
-If you do not do the Clan assigments of the month, your cat will be declared 'sick' on the Medicine Cat's den.
-Drawing anything or posting your RP with another person is okay if the other Roleplayer is also okay with it.
-You cannot kill another person's cat without asking first.
-No cats with powers.
-You can have more then 1 cat, but, once you reach the limmit, wich is 4 cats, one of your characters will have to die.
-If you wish to have your character's status on the 'Clan Status' send me ( Angelpaw33 ) a note.
-Have fun!
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